Special Order & Custom Readings

If you have a special situation, or question, or would like to discuss a more specific or elaborate reading, including a custom-designed reading, please contact me at
glennfwrightATgmailDOTcom, and let me know what you're looking for.

Does This Tarot Reading Stuff Work?

That depends upon you, and what you want or need "work" to mean.

If you mean will Tarot give you some clarity or a better understanding about what is bothering you, or what your life path should be, there is a very good chance that could happen. Most of my customers—actually, almost all of them—report they have learned something helpful through the readings I have done for them. Many report my readings were the best and most helpful they have ever received.

Can You Purchase Readings As Gifts?

Sure. Since the person you're buying the reading for won't be paying for it, you should have them contact me in email to provide their question—or if you know their question, then be sure to include it in the "Notes" section of your order. In all cases, if you have any additional questions, contact me at glennfwrightATgmailDOTcom.

Tarot Readings—Get One Today!

Reading By Glenn F. Wright

Life is dark and horrible—right? Not for everybody. And not necessarily. And not necessarily forever.

Generally, it comes down to the decisions you make, and whether or not you have understood what needs to be done and why and when.

Many people seek out Tarot readers to get affirmations about what they have already decided to do, or to get some clues when they posses none.

Most Tarot readers are trained, often by the management companies that rent them out like security guards or housekeepers, to figure out what you want to hear, and to tell you that in positive, affirming, declarations of your goodness and beauty and unique value as a human being.

They read you, not the cards.

What's wrong with that?

They read you for the purpose of acquiring data about you, so they can better understand how to continue getting your money—over and over again.

They have no interest in helping you to get "over it"—whatever that may be.

I always and only tell you what the cards say. It is up to you to decide what that means to you, and what (if anything) you're going to do about it.

If you want to be hugged, and to be told it's all going to be OK (even when it isn't), by all means go elsewhere.

If you want the truth, I'm your reader.

OK then—if you would like a Tarot reading from me, please choose from one of the reading options listed below. When you've decided, just click on the PayPal button underneath the reading you want, and be sure to include your question to me in the "instructions" or "notes" portion of your order (alternatively, you may email your question to me at glennfwrightATgmailDOTcom). Typically, your reading will get to you in a day, often in a couple of hours. On more complex readings, requiring more work, I may indicate to you that your reading could take a couple of days, but this depends on how many readings I am doing at any time.

Basic Tarot Reading
A simple, direct focus on your question. Straightforward answers can set you on the right path. Yes, the reading is inexpensive, but the insights can be very valuable. $20

Click "Buy Now" button above for Basic Tarot Reading

Elemental Reading
If you want to know more than the basics, the Elemental Reading may be for you. Breaking down the problem or question into elemental components, Fire-Water-Air-Earth, can help make much more sense of what you’re facing and what you should do. $50

Click "Buy Now" Button For Elemental Reading

Celtic-Cross Reading
This classic Tarot reading can give you deep insight into what your question is about and more importantly, what your answer really is. Often, this reading gives surprising indications that make it much easier to understand the problem, the plan, and the prospects for a good or bad outcome. $100

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Life Reading
When you’ve decided to move on to the big questions—what is the point of your life and what should you do about it—then you’re ready for a Life Reading. While the idea can sound a little scary—after all, if you KNOW your purpose and your destiny, then you might just feel like doing something about it—it should never frighten us to take a chance at knowing more about these weighty and crucial questions. The Life Reading can be an intense and life-changing illumination. $200